Friday, September 24, 2010

Next Post - All About Shopping. Until then...

In my Google reader, there are over 1000 current posts at any given time. Most are passable and I don't ever regret "marking all as read." Yet there are several blogs that I have to read every post, every time the author writes. Such a blog is Afrobella . I like reading/watching this lady because she seems to be a welcome non-crazy in the sometimes coocoo world of that is "African-American,/Black girl natural hair." This vivacious bella behind the afro scored an impromtu interview with my idol, Rachel Roy. This alone is read worthy but the topic of plus-sized fashion got my juices flowing and I joined the cause and decided on an additional way for my blog to make an impact.  Like I said, I am still an infant blogger. This blog may go places I never intend. Please just enjoy the ride.

So welcome to my first Outfit of the Day post and I will explain why..

Well people who know me in the real world know I am passionate! Passion should be my middle name. (Thank you mom and dad for NOT doing that.) But we get the point. Of course, I am passionate about shopping. Who knew? I'm passionate about (in no particular order,) Hip-HOP, beauty, technology, clean food, Mercedes Benz's, JESUS, and so on and so on. One passion that I have neglected until recently was my absolute adoration of anything Fashion.

It wasn't my fault really. Becoming a mother, getting laid off, and just recuperating from my blessed but turbulent life kinda too me off the runway path. For a short time, I even forgot about the clothing in my closet. Forgot that there were some Louboutins pining for me at Neimans. Dude, I had even forgotten about all my dear friends named Saks, Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, Macy's, Barney's, and Bloomingdales. 

Well returning to myself includes the return of renewed friendships with the lovelies above. But ya know what, do the designers really want me? I mean, since I have returned to shopping, I have yet to see anything to pine for except for things I cannot fit. Oh yeah, I forgot, I'm plus-sized and boring. There is no way that I like cute, trendy clothes. 

So hear is the deal. I will be posting looks of the days to show them peeps that I, among other larger women, not only want the clothes, WE LOOK DARN GOOD IN THEM TOO! 

Peep game: In pic: 
Kinda Vintage Victoria's Secret Macrame V-neck/V-Back blouse (circa hmm, 2004)
Jean Paul Gautier for Target  Insect Skirt, no longer available (Spring, 2010)
Target Merona Lace Tights, available now in stores
Steven by Steve Madden Leather Booties, no longer available (Fall, 2009) 
Torrid Silver Hoop Earrings, similar ones still available
Plastic Black Arm Band - Was my husbands. I wear everyday, since they gave it to me in the hospital. I wear it constantly. It was a solidarity band, but now it is my lucky charm.  

My eyes are not showing but I am wearing:
YSL Radiance Brush Foundation in #13
Chanel Rose Temptation Blush 
Chanel Lipliner in Vamp
Chanel Hydrabase Lipstick (discontinued formula,) in Fantastic Plum. 

I will post some more shopping excursion posts in a few. Thanks for reading. 

Disclaimer: ALL items in this post were purchased by me, nothing but the me, so help me: Jellytea! 

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