Sunday, July 11, 2010

Date with Daughter, Consignment, and Chanel!

Hi everyone! (crickets) hehehe, that's ok. I have to start somewhere, so I'm not upset that I have an audience of one. (Thanks for adding me!) Oh wait, maybe an audience of 2, my sister. Thanks for reading :)

Why would someone blog about shopping? Well if you haven't figured out by now, I love to shop. Some people like to cook, some like to read, others like to play video games. I like to shop. Or should I say, hunt. That's it, I like to hunt. Hunt for the next, well, the next whatever. The next bargain, the next undiscovered local shop, the next great product, the next cool travel spot.

I have been unable to hunt for sometime now. Yes I know I have already posted about my grocery store hauls and etc. But the real hunts are non-existent at the moment. I am studying for some exams and I have a deadline to meet, so I have not really left the house at all lately. Plus, I am on a very extreme budget so my expenditures have been rather utilitarian. I am saying this to apologize and to say hang in there, I will shop again! I hope this blog turns into a "what's good now, where to go, what to try, etc," type of blog that will appeal to the inner hunter in my reader's souls.

But guess what? I did get to do a little shopping today. Yeaa! Not only did I get to shop, but I did it with my special little bitty. My little one is growing like a weed and her shoes seem as though they are shrinking over night. She has grown two shoe sizes in less than 2 months. Could you imagine your foot growing that fast? Amazing. She has yet to reach two, but her feet are almost as big as a kindergarteners. Hopefully this means she will be tall and not just a Bigfoot like her mommy :) I buy her good shoes, just as I do for myself. I am a very good shopper and I also resale anything I can. So we bought some quality shoes from Bergstrom's Children Store in Irvine, for 20%-50% off, and if she grows out of them in a couple of weeks, I can sell them at my local shop, Newport Kids Consignment.

Ahh how I love Newport Kids Consignment. I love it for the obvious reasons: I can make money off of my gently used items and I can save money by purchasing gently used goods. But if you haven't figured out by reading my posts, I am sort of granola. Not in the hippy way, but definitely in the "I care about my environment" sort if way. I care about waste in all kinds of different areas. So buying and selling and donating goods is one of the ways I control my family's impact on the Earth. So thank you Cindy for your lovely store. Ok, off the box and back to the good stuff!

I had a ball on my date with the baby. We went shopping, rode a carousel, and made a ruckus at the dinner table at yummy Z'Tejas. I even treated myself to some items from the new Fall 2010 Chanel cosmetics line. I did not buy all the items I wanted. (I am extremely loyal to my Neiman Marcus friend/salesperson, Denise, so yeah, the damage could have been substantial if I didn't want to buy from her.) But all in all, today was a little victory for patience, my budget, and willpower. Yeaaa me!

The urge to review my purchases is strong in this one. Maybe later. For now I need to get back to my studies. Please comment or ask any questions if you have any. Thanks!

7/10/2010 Date w/my daughter


Chanel Eyeshadow - Vert Khaki 28.5
Chanel Blush - Rose Temptation 42
Chanel Nail Polish - Paradoxal 23

Checkcard Transaction $101.68 w/tax

Bergstrom's Childrens Store

See Kai Run - Pink Fisherman Sandals 30.38
PediPed - Olivia Shoes - Bright Fushia 15.29
Squeakers - SIlver Sandals w/glitter 25.58

Checkcard Transaction $77.48 total w/tax

Z'Tejas Restaurant

Smoked Chicken Chili Relleno* 12.99
Kids Grilled Chicken w/macaroni & veges 0

Cash Transaction $17.00 w/tax and tip

South Coast Plaza Carousel

Two Rides on Merry-go-Around (priceless) 2

Cash Transaction $2.00 total

Total $198.16

* Grilled poblano pepper stuffed with chicken, pecans, apricots, raisins, a blend of spices and Jack cheese, served over a green chile and picante cream sauce with green chile rice and black beans (Z'Tejas, 2010,

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