Friday, July 2, 2010

What's this all about?

Hi and welcome to "What I Buy," the blog that basically lists what I, Jellytea, (nice to meet you,) purchase on a day to day basis. It is that simple. It may evolve into something different, perhaps reviews of products, advice, and all other kinds of goodness. But as of today, my sole purpose is to list what I buy. This is not an attempt to gloat or show my love of capitalism. ( I do love to shop.) Rather, this blog is simply a list of what I buy. Call it a public Quicken, without all my personal info, and without publicly mentioning my budget.

I have wanted to blog for sometime. But I really didn't have an idea of what I wanted to talk about. I love to read many different types of blogs and in some ways, feel that many of those writers do a great job on the particular topics, so no need for repetition from me. But since I am a marketing major, I have always been intrigued by what people buy, why they buy, and how they buy. My mother always asks me, "what did you buy today." She asks me this out of real interest, not criticism for shopping too much like some moms. :) I also notice that whenever I buy anything, groceries, gas, clothes, etc, I usually tell someone about the purchase: where I brought the items, what I like, what I dislike.

I should introduce myself. I am Jellytea, semi-self employed, in my late 30's/early 40's as far as age is concerned, but closer to 20's in how I feel age. I'm healthy, but overweight. I have a loving family and many friends. I love God and my daughter is my new best friend. I am the sole provider for a four person household (which will explain some of my purchases,) and I love it.

So that's it, nothing particularly amazing, but I do hope that some of my purchases inspire others and have a positive impact on my future readers. Can I do that with a shopping list? I think so. Not because I'm especially great, but many people come to me for purchasing advice, which usually leads to topics of discussions, like how to eat better, where to go for fun, etc. I do see how reviewing products might be tempting, but I am going to try to refrain from that. I want this blog to be more than a commercial.

So hello and welcome, and hopefully I will not be talking to myself :)

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